Chana Dal Barfi | Gram Dal Barfi । How to make Chana Dal barfi


Chana Dal Barfi’s Ingredients

  1. 2 cup chana daal
  2. 2 cup sugar
  3. 1.5 cup ghee
  4. 4 – 5 cardamon
  5. 1 small cup coconut powder
  6. 5 – 6 Almond
  7. 1 cup water

* 1 Cup = 150 gm or ml.

Chana Dal Barfi making method

  1. First clean the chana dal. Boil the dal in pressure cooker till 2 whistle.
  2. After boiling the dal, add dal in sieve and take all the water drains, keep in mind that there is no water in the dal. Keep aside for 20 minutes . In the meantime prepare the sugar syrup.
  3. Put sugar in a pan and keep the water in boiling and mix well.
  4. As soon as water starts to boil , add green cardamon.
  5. The sugar syrup we have to make 1.5 strings, our sugar syrup  ready.
  6. Now, we have to make a corse paste by grinding dal , (It should not be a smooth paste).
  7. Put ghee in a pan and heat it, add dal paste, to the pan and stir continuesly till cooked properly and become golden.
  8. After roasting of dal, now add sugar syrup to it , cook properly till the ghee saprates and moisture dries up.
  9. Now add coconut powder in it and mix it well and cook it for 1 to 2 minutes, now turn off the gas.
  10. Now take the prepared mixture in a plate and decorate it with coconut and almonds, after 30 minutes you cut it in your desired shape,chana dal barfi is ready.


  • Quantity of Sugar can also adjust according to your liking
  • You can take any dried fruits you like.



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